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Subshare is your share of subscription revenue earned through collaborative production services and digital music sales. Our platform allows users to get involved and rewarded for the value they present through their media or other collaborative services. Our contract system allows users to collaborate with other users under a percentage share agreement based on the value their media brings to the composition.

Creative power

Subshare brings the power to you, by taking control of almost completed works or completed works. With your input and access to an abundance of skill sets and knowledge you can build a composition quickly, efficiently and in a fair environment that puts content creators at the forefront of the industry. Subshare has created an environment where you could take part of the structure or individual elements from a track that meets your search criteria, allowing a new composition to be created easily or wrapping up work on a track that you may have needed additional inspiration for. There are millions of samples and partially completed tunes in the world, we give you access to every piece of the puzzle reducing your workflow process and increasing your productive creativity.

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A relevant solution

Subshare embraces the setup of the new world in which we live in, it’s a different world for musicians; where you don’t have to have a record label to succeed but still you need key skills and resources that are often not easy to find. By removing the challenges created by rights and large label ownership and allowing a set of skilled individuals to meet and negotiate on their own merit, we believe Subshare will directly influence the volume of music produced, the value people are willing to pay for media rights and of course challenging the current process in which currently even the most talented artists are unable to get necessary exposure to make it onto the most popular playlists in the industry.