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Subshare look to evolve music creation and how the split of money is divided in the music community. We also are using a new blend of technology and innovative processes to help people accelerate the time is takes to start getting returns for thier musical talent.. Most importantly we allow people to find each other quickly and for you to exchange your skills or media in a safe and controlled way.

Subshare Understand there are two unique challenges in relation to Working with others. The first being ownership and the second being speed. He is how we help you overcome those things.

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Main Technologies we have that help

Streaming and Financials DashBoard : Streams, money earned, position in chart, global location map, collaboration link map and more. Understand where your music is being streamed and where others who create music like you are getting plays. Increasing your effective with accurate data.

Business and Agreement Dashboard : All of your offers, contracts and network of connections in one place. Grow your network and manage your business transaction with ease. This is also where you see the money roll in from deals you have done with other users who have used your media or skill to complete their track.

For Speed

Subshare have also developed a new type of categorization for music that allows the greatest chance of you finding the music you need. This could be to complete your production or your music to be used to complete other producers tracks.

New Music Tagging to help you find or be found faster. Also helps your organisation and recall of media instantly. Thousands of times more effective to discover or be discovered.

New POI Player : Don't waste time scrolling when our player takes you directly to the point in the track you need to get to. The advanced player allows the other unique technologies to work in a user friendly way.

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Will my work sound good with that, Should i offer that guy for his vocal, that producers drums are sick but will it match with mine. Subfuse allows you to compare your media directly with others at a specific part of any track.


BEAT FUSE: Real sound bringing natural resonance to music.

VOCFUSE: Lay vocals down on others tracks in an instant.



To give you time back and allow you to stay connected we have created an IOS version of the Platform. This allows you to do your business on the move be that searching for new media or agreeing a deal for new vocal you have created. You could listen to 8 seconds of a specific part of any track while your on the move for people or music to work with. That's 225 tracks on 30 minutes, without touching a button. . It also allows you to showcase all of the good bits of all of your tracks in minutes rather than until the person your showing drops a bomb by talking about dinner. Yes it even helps to prevent the dreaded switch off.

SubSocial : Subshare goes one step further and opens this to what we believe to be a large part of promoting track in the future. You can link with either Youtube or Instagram accounts and users who need content or would be open to promote your content for a Percentage of the royalty.

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