About Ripple

Ripple is the world's first music education platform that allows you pick a tutor based on the quality of their past musical production and not just based on a profile or a set of qualifications. Ripple offers a golden opportunity for students in higher education for music to become tutors and earn money for providing structured or unstructured feedback to our users

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Artists produce media all the time but rarely fully complete the track before moving on to another idea. The Ripple platform and community allows other like-minded producers to provide inspiration, feedback, and ideas to your media pieces that can turn your abandoned ideas into the next big hit.

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The Ripple

Ripple allows the right people to find your music and provide guidance to help make key adjustments to improve the value of your music. By getting your media to pass through our platform, you open your musical future to the best and professional guidance possible - it's a life-changing collaboration!