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The Ripple Effect

We want to empower music creators to help other music creators . Those with experience can help newer music creators grow and improve. As they mature in skills and experience, the newer music creators can help others in turn. It’s the Ripple Effect. To help more music creators realise their potential. To make sure great music isn’t abandoned, half-complete. To bring more inspired music to the world.

Choose Your Tutors

How do you know they’re the right one for you? It’s hard to tell, based only on a profile, or qualifications and certifications. The right tutor could expand your musical world. Deepen your love for music. Expose you to new sources of inspiration.

On Ripple, listen to their music first, to see if they’re a good match. Check out their past musical production. Hear their quality for yourself. Then connect. See if they’d make a good tutor. For you.

Maybe they’re self-taught, like you. Or classically trained, like you. Or had struggled to find their voice, like you. Or just had problems hitting that chord progression. Okay, maybe not like you. More important, is that they share similar values and attitudes. And are the right ones to help you further your journey.

Find them now on Ripple.

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Connect with Mentors

What if, what you really need is feedback , help, ideas. Even some inspiration? Not tutoring, or actual lessons. Maybe you just have one tiny problem. Like starting 60 tracks in the past few months, getting all of them to 80% completion. But you can’t seem to complete a single one. Something’s missing, but you don’t know what. It’d be a shame to let all those tracks gather dust on the harddrive. So find a mentor, or someone to collab with. Who knows, that someone could be both! Or you’re the type that receives feedback best when it’s structured, instead of unstructured. Find a like-minded mentor who matches your style! Or things have been tough for a while, and you’re thinking of quitting music.

Could be, all you need is a gentle hand on your back, urging you on. A gentle hand from someone, letting you know you’re not alone. From someone who understands what it’s like. Who can help get you back to that place of determination, hard work, and sheer refusal to give up.

Whichever your need, wouldn’t it be great to have some honest, direct-yet-gentle feedback or encouragement? Or ideas. Or suggestions. Or advice. So you can improve. So you can get those 60 tracks up to 100% completion, upload them, and start getting offers for them.

What if what you really need, is a musical mentor ?

Whichever you prefer, mentor or tutor, find them on Ripple.

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Share Your Experience

Great tutors or mentors come from all sorts of backgrounds.
Some are highly certified.
Some aren’t. But what they have is experience.
Or skills in certain areas.
Some have a higher education in music.
Some are students, with a gift for teaching music.
You could be one of them.
Your skills. Your experience.
Teach them. Pass them on.

Connect with the students who want you.
Who appreciate you. Get rewarded for it.

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