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Social Production

Social production allows for the creation and distribution of new media into the music and entertainment industry while keeping the respective rights in the hands of the rightful owners.

Subshare combines a deep understanding of technology and music to bring you a platform that gives you full control along with a community of people who recognise your value and are happy to pay you for it. Old barriers will no longer be limits to new talent, Subshare's mission is to empower artists to maximize their potential and live their dreams.

Digital Collaboration

Music producers can now collaborate with a community of music makers; music makers can upload their media for fine-tuning, while music lovers can download final content. Our online community is engaged in music creation and sharing. This smart process transcends traditional systems and boosts turnover, reduces production cost and offers a networking avenue that opens broader opportunities. Our solution is both a web & mobile application (iOS) that helps in collecting, searching, selecting, sharing, selling, buying, and listening to music.

Combined Social Presence

At Subshare we understand the importance of personal networking and finding a professional to work with that matches your tonality and individualism. Even with perfectly made music, it is often hard to realise your true potential unless you can reach the right target audience for your content. Our Subshare terms and rights allow artists to bring a collection of creatives including promoters, videographers, photographers, synchronisers and even Instagram celebrities to help open a magical window of exposure for your content for only a percentage cut of your subscription share.

Green Wave


  • A misconception that Independence means do it all on your own has driven millions to start releasing Music on streaming sites. It has also led to an explosion of new creators, producer and social media moguls alike that are fighting for space on social media platforms..

  • It has also led to an explosion of services that make that dream one step closer and a few dollars away from your music being on a top streaming site. This is unfortunately not enough in today's competitive space and your money is often wasted on a track that is listened to by very few if any.

  • Subshare believe Independence is about the ability to make your own decisions. These decisions must also include the people you need to work with to create your music business and what you are willing to give them in exchange for them working with you.

Keep It Real

  • Unlike most other sights we don't actually advise you to distribute. This seems funny right as we do make a few pennies so we should be pushing you, shouldn't we?

  • Although we totally agree you should release regular music (Even if its not perfect) to start building a fanbase you should be doing that with the help of others and doing it where it doesn't cost you any money.

  • If you do everything in your own you will need 180000 plays to get Minimum wage in the. Subshare can help you build the foundation to your musical Skill and vastly open up opportunities where it may become valuable to others.

  • Go and find 10 people who have great Ski videos on youtube and get them promoting your music for free. Hook up with an Instagram celebrity who loves your sound and can help drive your exposure.

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The Subshare platform will create new music communities and genres with our evolving matching algorithms. With Subshare vital connections that were otherwise impossible or difficult to pursue are made possible. Subshare’s ambition is to break down social barriers through shared ambition.



There are millions of samples and partially completed tunes in the world; Subshare provides access to these pieces which will help you complete the puzzle with reduced stress and hereby increasing your productive potential.

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Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to globalise the eMusic, entertainment and social media industry by truly making music a universal language through diversifying every genre, reshaping the industry to see the global populous engaging in common ambitions.

Social Production

Using this methodology the global promotion of your track with key influences in that region means the potential value of your media allows others to invest without risk to you. Supported by clear terms and a blockchain system to capture all data to your media to fully protecting it again plagiarism, open collaboration has never been more safe and satisfying for users. Be part of the revolution!


Musicians have been sapped of their entrepreneurial spirit for years by major labels demanding conformity and a dated industry still based on the sheet music days. Subshare introduces a new way of agreeing to the royalty shares: so now even those who simply record music can be part of the next big hit.


Our platform allows artists to move freely across the world forming new genres, develop content and connections. Our terms allow you to build your business within our business. Ownership barriers have been broken and we now move into a new era that will help fund and develop your individual talent and interests.


By being part of a community your voice is louder and reaches further than you think. Music has the ability to break down societal barriers and solve remove many issues; we hope to introduce peace, love and harmony into peoples lives, our community could be the next global phenomena


Our platform gives you incredibly fast access to never heard before media. Our next-generation player and search system allows you to search in a new way; instead of the constant track skipping, intelligent tagging takes you to the specific point in any track that you need, this speedy process exponentially increases exposure.