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Ever spent hours listening to recommendations, searching for that fresh new tune? That new song you’ve never heard before. That’ll speak to a part of you. That’ll suit your mood. That’ll become the next great anthem all your friends will sing along to. That conveys your feelings so well, you wonder if it was written just for you. You don’t know what it is yet. You’ll know it when you hear it.

It’s true.

That IS how we decide if we like a song or not. But it’s based on only a certain part of the song. No need to spend hours listening to a full song, which we may not like. No need to skip through songs without purpose.

What if I told you, that you have a choice? .

That you could choose to listen to just a part of the song? It’s not a recommendation from some machine. It’s a recommendation directly from the artist themselves.

You could find that song faster. .

By listening to 120 parts of different songs in 1 hour, for example.

With Intelligent Track Tagging:

Just set it to play all the parts tagged #best bit. It’s the part the song creator wants to showcase to you! Or if you feel intros are what get you into a tune, set it to play “Intro” tags for each song.

Treat your ears*! Discover fresh tunes!

*We don’t play ads to interrupt your listening experience.

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Listen with Freedom

Neptune is where music artists come together, to showcase their music. It’s also where you’re free to choose.
You don’t have to listen to what you’re told to listen to, by corporations or radio stations.

You’re free to listen to what you want.
Free to discover music that speaks to your soul.
Find it on Neptune.

Break free from what some exec or algorithm thinks you would, or should, like.
There could be someone from a different continent from yours, who uploads music online.
They could be (as yet) unknown.
But their music could inspire you to great things.

What if what you really need, is a musical mentor?

Be the one to discover them and their songs.
Without borders or barriers.
Find them on Neptune

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Let your music be discovered!

To all the music artists of the world,
We want to help you have a meaningful career, while preserving your freedom.
You all have unique sounds, waiting to be discovered.
We want to make it happen.
Help us help you.

Use Neptune as your base,
to showcase your music to the world.
Promote your music.
Connect to an audience that wants your music.
They just haven’t heard it. Yet.

Do it all without giving up your IP.
Instead, we help you protect it.
“All your tracks belong to you.”

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