“It’s hard to go alone.
Take Subshare with you.”

Being independent is not about doing it all on your own.
It’s about making your own decisions to create your own music business.
Decisions like:

Who to work with

  • Subshare helps you be speedy.
  • Find people or music you need, FAST

What you’re willing to give, in exchange for collaboration

  • Subshare lets you set your own terms.
  • You negotiate your contract.
  • You determine how the money is split.
  • It’s easy, secure, and protects your IP.

Do it all with ease and speed. Then get back to what’s most important:

Make your music. Have it played.
Get rewarded with royalties.

What you can get done on Subshare:

Get Discovered

Your talent. Your hard work. Anyone in the world can discover it on Subshare.

Full or partial track? Get paid by selling or contributing it.

How? Start by uploading your tracks, sound packs, soundbanks, or pre-sets.

● Old or new, complete or incomplete, upload them all.

● Somewhere out there, there's someone who wants them!

Get offers to incorporate your music into other compositions.

Discover Others

The fastest way to find the music you need -- Subfuse.

Will your work sound good with theirs?
Subfuse compares your media with others at a specific part of any track.
Hear it for yourself.

Find the right track for you or your composition with POI Player .

● Saves time, takes you to the point in the track you need to go.

● Old or new, complete or incomplete, upload them all.

● Stop wasting time skipping through tracks manually.

Have your music found (or find others’) faster than ever with music tagging.

● It’s not just tagging the track. It’s for specific points of the track that are most interesting .

Collab With Others

They want your music or skills. You want theirs.

No money to start with? No problem.
Go ahead and collaborate.
In a structured and safe environment, no less.

You can sell or buy media directly.

Or, make offers with some of the eventual profits.

Negotiate how much you each will get when the money does come in.

Do it all in the same place: make and track offers, negotiate, or find others to bring into your music creation process.

Contribute Your Skills

Exchange your skills for some of the royalties.

Or find others with the skills you need.

Roles and skills needed by others could include melodies, synths, kick drums, mastering, chord musician, orchestra.

Or even roles beyond music creation , such as music teacher, graphic artist, graphic designer, lyricist, video creator, social media influencer, and so on.

Promote Your Music

Want to get your music into more ears?
Get exposure with Neptune and SubSocial.

Manage your negotiated agreement -- and how much of the royalties each party gets with our Smart Contract and Royalty Management systems

SubSocial :

Link up with influencers and personalities on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.

● They’re hungry for fresh, indie music ; you'd like them to promote your music. It’s a win-win partnership just waiting to happen.

● Exchange royalties with them or pay them directly to get your music in their videos.

● To get references and shout outs , let social media content creators use your media by setting up a free zone.

Manage your negotiated agreement -- and how much of the royalties each party gets -- with our Smart Contract and Royalty Management systems.

Position Your Music

The data you need is in our dashboards.

Where would your music be most popular? We have the data for you.

Analyze demand for your music, where it (and similar music from others) is being streamed.

Discover what others are doing to get exposure.

See your relative position in charts.

Distribute Your Music

Low cost digital distribution. Easy process.

Distribute to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Art Tracks and
more, with a single simple process on Subshare.

As cost effective as possible . We’ve done our best to make it so, although it’s not part of our core business. You could get a decent return even with a handful of songs .

Protect Your IP

Protect your uploaded media on Subshare.

Move forward with confidence In the event of any legal dispute. We provide you with
indisputable evidence to prove what happened, which will definitely help your case.

We build this indisputable evidence using blockchain tech, for your protection.

Every step of the process, exchange of media, all communications and any evolution of your media is captured, stored and made safe .

This is combined with our specialised legal terms that add another layer of protection.

Do you want any of this? Give us a try, for FREE!