Write a blog they say, it will get people to your website and get you up the ladder on Google and all of your problems will be solved’ they say ‘ It’s hard as you are trying to do just that, get people to buy your stuff so it all seems a bit fake and disingenuous. So I’m writing about writing a blog and I did actually come up with an angle that I thought has an Interesting Nuance between My music platform (Subshare) and The purpose of this Blog. So it seems there is a link between what I’m trying to talk about, being the record industry and why I think Subshare or sites like it can turn things around, the new middle man in music who doesn’t actually deliver anything and the people saying to write a blog, create a website, spend money on Instagram, follow your content dream, drop ship this, buy that crypto. They are all selling the dream, but at a price. Let me start with something about us as a good example and my own experience with the new perception you can get a subscription (or multiple) buy a sound someone else made buy another subscription to make it sound perfect and then ask thousands of people what they think and if they want to collaborate. 1 it’s not repeatable and every business must have a repeatable model. 2 music just isn’t like that, you either need to connect with a sound and or be willing to spend time building a relationship and spending a lot of time working with someone. Now let’s talk about Bloggs and all the things that exist out there to make you pay and the social media sites that can help you live your dream and all you need to do is do what you love. Oh and take my 45 days course blah blah blah. All of these things have one thing in common they don’t work and if they do you can’t repeat that and live a life doing it. After all why would a social media business that makes billions from people in Ad revenue paint a picture strategically to get you to watch the advertisement so they make money, and get you to buy it and be one step away from the dream. So this takes me back to the Music stuff and what the fundamental challenges are and why unless there is a major change in the way money flows there won’t be much of a change at all. If it doesn’t make sense to Spotify and ITunes ie commercially you will struggle. To get into a position where you can have influence over Spottily and I tunes you have to be an anomaly or buy into the label game to make sure the establishment get there cut. This in my view is also the same of the big Social media companies who are making money from sellig you the dream when in reality that can only become a reality f people spend most of thier time off social media in a place they can have a direct relationship with the consumer. The next thing is ownership and an easy way to collect the money and distribute it to all parties through a complex system that leaves in place a creaking water system that is leaking really badly. Not only do we have leaky pipes we have the now shadow middle men industry who in fact carry no water in their pipes at all. They just carry your money away and only a very small number will make any return for their investment. You can spend a lot of time fueling someone else s dream so please be careful. Check out this interesting page that covers the basics of Music Royalties, ie what everyone does it for. The money. https://iconcollective.edu/how-music-royalties-work/ Now think why is there all of these different ways of collecting and sharing the bounty that have not adapted to modem times. If one person could fund every activity and have all rights signed to him why is the system not allowing simplicity of an agreement of ownership before the event and a mechanical solution to divide that money. Prediction Time : 1) It’s just a matter of time before Music becomes much larger and accessible to a greater number of people for less money but with far more money going to a far greater number of people who try and earn a crust from Music. 2) Live Music and all Music played in Public places will report of the billions of songs played daily with no money going to the artists. 3) Investors in Music will be people who previously invested in Stocks and shares. Collectives of music lovers who want to be involved and or invest to help people fund their Music business independently of the Label and publishing t system. 4) Over 50% (low ball) of all new Music acts will be discovered on TIk Tok by 2026. 5) Your brain waves will be used to suggest Music and create complex data science abilities to generate music automatically as well and create links between musical minds based on a series of algorithms by 2028. (More to follow on this subject)