“Freedom. Fairness. Unity. Music.”

We believe in Freedom, Fair Ownership, and the power of Unity & Music.
We want to make it happen.

Join the movement

Do you love creating music? Do you enjoy creating content?
Do you want to keep doing it, and still keep your freedom?
Do you want to be free?

Free from the stifling demands of record labels in a dated industry that prizes conformity.
Free from old social barriers and artificially inflated production costs.
Free to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Without having a multitude of middlemen take them away.

Allow us to further explain our beliefs
Maybe you share some of them

Creative Freedom

Content creators should be free to create what they want, when they want, with who they want, and wherever they want.

To fund the development of their talents and interests through their work, while remaining free.

Financial Freedom

Musicians, artists, and other content creators should be the ones most rewarded for their work.

Musicians, artists, and other content creators should be the ones most rewarded for their work.

They should be the ones to determine how royalties are distributed. It should not cost them a lot to promote, distribute and sell their works.

Fair Ownership

Content creators should be the ones owning their creations, Or the portion of a work that’s theirs. Their ownership should be protected and be legally sound.

Power of Music

Throughout history, music has proven to be a powerful force. It can bring peace, love and harmony into so many lives. It can break down societal barriers. To help solve or remove many issues. It can heal the world. We want to create a global community of musicians and content creators to do that.

Unity in Community

It’s hard to go alone

It’s hard to get help. It’s a tougher world, and a tougher industry. Many needed connections are difficult, almost impossible to make.

Combine Our Creativity, Pool Our Skills

There are millions of samples and partially completed tunes in the world. But they’re usually collecting dust.

There are countless people with excellent skills. But they’re not aware of it. They remain unknown, undiscovered.

All these could be combined into something wonderful.

Why not use technology to piece that puzzle together. And make that process easier.

Overcome social barriers

In a digital world, it should be easier to reach out, connect, and collaborate. Safely, and fairly. We want to make it so.

Connect. Work Together. Be amazing

By connecting with other like-minded people, we could create something great.

We could amplify our voices, reach further than we ever dreamed possible.

We could be a global force for positive change.

Some may call us dreamers. Idealists. But we’ve already
created this digital platform that could realise that dream.
All it needs is for you to